Comparing Season 1-8 Review


Assassin Witch: No worries. It's all cleared up on our end. Hope it's all good on yours. :) Jul 22, 2017 10:42:46 GMT -5
Esmeralda: *whew* Glad to hear that! Jul 22, 2017 11:05:41 GMT -5
Esmeralda: But that's why we keep the Shoutbox open to everyone - because we have a great admin who knows how to handle trolls. And it brings in a lot of great new members! Hope you decide to join, WarriorPrincess! Jul 22, 2017 11:08:05 GMT -5 *
adzpower: Oh my goodness was someone spamming? I always miss it :o Glad it seems to have cleared up. Its always nice to hear a fresh perspective from non-members. Jul 22, 2017 13:12:12 GMT -5
Miranda Turner: This shoutbox still is a great way for non members to join. I like the discussions here. Too bad they disappear :( Jul 22, 2017 21:39:08 GMT -5
Ruth Marie: Yep, which is how I joined here. And I hope many more will continue to do. WarriorPrincess and PowerofPhoebe and any others who frequent here, I hope you all consider joining. Jul 23, 2017 0:37:54 GMT -5
Member: Hey..Im waiting for pending approval :) Jul 23, 2017 10:36:52 GMT -5
Esmeralda: YAY! Glad you've decided to join! You'll be approved the next time Assassin Witch comes on! Jul 23, 2017 10:46:48 GMT -5
Member: I feel like im the only one who didnt mind anything in the show, I just love it all..maybe Im just empty in the head (rofl) Jul 23, 2017 11:07:49 GMT -5
Esmeralda: Oh, there are others. They're just not as vocal as us ones who do find fault. But they and you are just as welcomed to love it exactly as it is as we are to gripe! Jul 23, 2017 12:20:09 GMT -5
WarriorPrincess: Thank you Assassin Witch for your assistance. I had my facebook account also hacked and had to deal with inappropriate postings there. Thankfully everything is taken care of and back to normal. I'll be registering here as a member very shortly. Jul 23, 2017 13:02:34 GMT -5
WarriorPrincess: Look forward to conversing with all of you guys. :) Jul 23, 2017 13:03:27 GMT -5
Assassin Witch: Thanks for the heads up on the situation, WP. Glad things worked out for you. Jul 23, 2017 15:50:49 GMT -5
Assassin Witch: glad to see people joining up! Jul 23, 2017 15:50:56 GMT -5
Granny Charmed: Welcome new members, have fun here dears! Jul 23, 2017 22:01:50 GMT -5
charmedforlife28: Apparently I missed some very interesting conversations in the shoutbox but I'm glad even after 11 years we still have new members Jul 24, 2017 17:02:23 GMT -5
charmedforlife28: Es you changed your profile pic back Jul 24, 2017 17:02:47 GMT -5
Esmeralda: :D Yup, I did. StoryGirl83 helped me get it back. The other one just didn't look a lot like me. Jul 24, 2017 18:15:49 GMT -5
Assassin Witch: Yep, we get a couple new members just about every week. I love it! Jul 24, 2017 20:00:21 GMT -5
craig: It makes me so happy that we get more new members all the time. I love it! The shoutbox being open to non members is such a blessing, as many (including me) joined this way. Jul 24, 2017 21:26:54 GMT -5
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